The AI Surveillance State: Be Very Afraid

The AI Surveillance State depicted in Terms of Service represents the greatest threat to freedom the world has ever seen, an engine of oppression beyond the wildest dreams of Big Brother or the darkest nightmares of George Orwell. The Three Pillars of the Surveillance State The power of the surveillance state rests on three capabilities — the unholy trinity of … Read More

The AIs are watching YOU!

One of the limitations of the Orwellian surveillance state is that the authorities (whoever they may be) can’t watch everyone all the time. That has changed. AI Traffic Cameras looking in through your windshield? You’ve got to be joking! I wish I was. New traffic cameras know if you’re buckled up | Fox News: Queensland, Australia, is deploying new traffic camera technology … Read More

Why I Wrote Terms of Service: Freedom is everything

If you are reading this, you probably share my concerns about big tech and AI. I began writing out of frustration. The big technology companies have been going on a binge of censorship, both overt and subtle, and too few people seem to care. “They’re private companies,” my friends kept saying. “The First Amendment doesn’t apply. They can do whatever … Read More

About the World

250 years from now, the Great Principles of Unity, Community, and Equality are triumphant and the ancient ways of wealth, privilege, and selfism long ago consigned to the ash heap of history. The corporations provide for the needs of the people, putting everyone to work while ensuring the efficient distribution of goods and overseeing a transportation system which is a … Read More

A pointer to some of the Author’s AI Research

If you have read my biography, you know that I got my Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. I will link my best-known paper. Co-authored with David Waltz in 1986, this is one of the foundational papers in what is now called data science and data-based AI. You will notice some of the this research embedded in the story. Torward Memory-Based Reasoning-ACM … Read More

A Non-Blurby Book Description

Yeah, we all know book blurbs, designed to grab your attention and get you to hit the BUY button. I’ve got a good blurb-writer, but maybe you want something a bit less blurby to help you understand this book. Read on! This book is not a fluffy bit of escapist science fiction. It’s not mile-a-minute action-packed thriller. Stylistically, it is … Read More