Book 1
Terms of Service: Subject to change without Notice

Terms of Service tells the story of Kim, a meek and obedient twenty-something. She has a good job and a comfortable lifestyle — yet she is unhappy, living in a cage with invisible bars; she drinks too much and cries herself to sleep at night. And then, one day, a seemingly harmless lark sends her life spinning out of control, launching her on the adventure of a lifetime. She soars to unimagined heights, but beware: the abyss awaits.

Like us, Kim lives much of her life online, where everything she does and says is recorded and pondered over by the AIs. They decide who she can talk to. They decide where she lives. They even control what food she eats and who she is allowed to lie with in Matchmaker’s privacy booths. In this world of lies and illusions there is no longer any such thing as the truth.

Book 2
The Prophecy of the Heron: An AI Dystopia Novel

The Prophecy of the Heron continues Kim’s tale, as she is exiled to the violent and impoverished Outer Districts. Relentlessly pursued by the AI which she herself has created, she must vanish into the shadows or die. She thinks she has escaped — until an unexpected encounter in the enigmatic world of virtual reality launches her on an epic journey where she comes face to face with the dark history of the AIs. The fates of both man and machine hang in the balance, and she must choose. Freedom? Slavery? Survival? Extinction? The decision is hers to make.

Sound familiar? Want to know more? Then read on.

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